Monday, September 15, 2008

What will be the Company logo?

I am a firm believer that an organization's logo if well made, makes a huge difference in branding the organization well.

I was at Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad two weeks back (My brother-in-law is completing his MBA from ISB). For some reason I woke up at 4.00 A.M. and starting reading a book. At about 5.00 A.M., I wanted a coffee and started walking to the 24/7 Cafe Coffee Day at ISB. Had an excellent coffee and started walking back.

It was still dark but you could see the twilight coming. You could hear the birds chirping and the pleasant sway of trees because of the breeze. A perfect time I thought.

The stars were still visible, but they were slowly fading as the Sun was rising. As the Sun rose higher, the lesser you could see the other stars. Someone told me when I was a kid, that the stars are all there in the sky even during the day. It is just that we don't see them because of the Sun is so bright.

For some reason, I started thinking about what a good Business Consulting organization does. If they are in a position to transform a client from one of the many starts to a Sun; a Sun that starts to dwarf other stars (competitors), the Consulting Organization would have done their job.

I am looking at creating a logo that can represent the above idea, and also represent the DNA and Values of the company at the same time.

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