Tuesday, September 9, 2008

DNA, Values and Mission

Have been reading the 'The High Performance Entrepreneur' - by Subroto Bagchi for the last few days. Chapter 5's title is "DNA, Mission, Vision and Values". These are very powerful tools that define an organization.

Here are the DNA, Values and Mission Statements of the company we plan to setup.

1) Innovate
2) Strategize
3) Execute
4) Satisfy


1) Innovation, Research and Learning
2) Dreaming, Creating a Vision, Acting Practically
3) Delivering Sustained Strategic Value; Professionally and Ethically
4) Stakeholder Satisfaction through 'Karma'

To understand 'Karma', please click here and refer Wikipedia

I will detail out each of the DNA's and Values in the due course of time


e will deliver Sustained Strategic Value; Professionally and Ethically, ultimately ensuring Stakeholder Satisfaction. We will achieve this by Dreaming, creating a Vision but at the same time Acting Practically. We will enhance value delivered by continuously Innovating, conducting Research and by being Life-long Learners."

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